NOTE: My blog, The Silly Pearl, is currently under construction, due to a malware attack. Thank you for your patience as I rebuild my blog from scratch.


The Silly Pearl began in 2010 while I was a stay-at-home-mama. Back then, my twin girls were in preschool. I had left my crafting hobby behind long ago to focus on school and career (I was basically Chandler Bing from Friends), but when my girls began playing on their own for short spurts of time, I slowly started crafting again. The Silly Pearl is a documentation of my crafts with tutorials to share with you. I regularly blogged on The Silly Pearl for seven years. I got to write for some amazing craft brands (hello Xyron!) and by some miracle, I even appeared on Sew It All TV on PBS sharing my clock pillow tutorial. Most importantly, I got to work alongside my fellow craft and DIY bloggers.

My girls, now in their tween years, are still my main focus, but soon I will be embarking on a new journey (details to come!) and my bon-bon-eating, soap-opera watching, stay-at-home-mama days come to an end. I have long stopped blogging on a regular basis to begin my transition into this new phase of my life. I do hope to still add a new blog post every now and then, but for now, this blog will mainly be a catalog of my craft tutorials. 

Enjoy and Happy Crafting! -Steph @ The Silly Pearl