When my girls started preschool (i.e. Fall 2010), the school requested an open-top cloth grocery bag-type tote as their school bag. I had one week to make them and meant to make a simple, lined tote and asked the girls what color they wanted. They kept changing their minds, naming every color they could think of. So I thought hey why not incorporate all those colors? So I made them each a patchwork pocket tote bag, personalized with their names and a special applique on the back.

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When my twin girls were but a twinkle in my eye (or two twinkles in my eye?), I had my own wedding jewelry business for two fun but very busy years. One of my favorite things to make were these hairpins that look like blossoms on little branches. Brides usually requested them with clear beads and/or pearls for themselves, and colored beads for their bridesmaids. One asked for a single blue bead as her something blue, which I replicated in the first photo below.

But even if you’re not planning a wedding anytime soon, this is still a great technique to learn…all you have to do is change up the beads and you’ve got a completely different look for everyday.


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