I dug into my ever-growing stash of paper straws to make Paper Straw Easter Bunnies in a wall hanging.


I created this peep-like bunny as my template. You can click to save it to your computer. Resize it so it’s about 6 inches tall (but you can do any size you wish).

Cut out the bunny template.

…and cover it with double-stick tape. Then start sticking on the straws. The straws should go over the edges. Start with the middle section, covering the part in between the ears.

It is easier to stick just a few sections of straws on at a time to cut. Use scissors to cut the straw along the curve at the top of the head and along the ears, as well as along the bottom curve.

The straws started to get unwieldy and would fall off as I cut, even with the double-stick tape. So I taped them together with painter’s tape.

When you’ve got most of the bunny done, peel off the cardstock template, which you can use again. Use smaller scissors to clean up your cuts, particularly at the neck and ears.

Now continue with the other colors. I have a pink and yellow one, which represent each of my girls. The grey one is Grandpa. Hehe.

If it looks like you can add more “cheek” or “hips” to the sides even though you followed the template, go ahead. It’s ok to do some manual shaping to make it look more like a bunny. The straws I used were 3 different brands, and the grey ones in particular were smaller. Plus, the stripes faced different directions so I alternated them to create a chevron-ish effect.

Choose a frame that fits all your bunnies. Here’s a mock-up of my bunnies in a thrifted frame with a burlap background. The fabric at the bottom is my “Hoppy Easter” sign.

I painted the frame with two coats light pink paint.

I found a piece of cardboard and fit it to the frame, then I covered it with burlap. Then I used another cardboard piece to make sure my bunnies were all lined up. I also marked the center on the cardboard so that grandpa is also centered in the middle.

Cover up the bunny with hot glue, all over the side without the painters tape. This layer will dry, and keep the straws together.

Then add another layer of glue on the top of the first layer, and quickly flip it over and position it in place. Press down. Check if it really did stick in a little bit, then you can add more glue if certain spots are still loose. Remove the tape which should reveal your finished bunny. Repeat with the other two bunnies.

For the sign, I stenciled letters onto some canvas fabric with a paint pen, and wrapped that around some cardboard. Then I hot glued the sign underneath the bunnies.

The finishing touch – cotton tails! I snipped some off some thrifted pom pom trim and hot glued them on.

All done. I displayed mine next to more thrifted treasures, and made a little paper straw star with the scraps.

Hoppy Easter!


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